Indie Game of the Week - Last Word
Last Word by Twelve Tiles
Played by Martyr
The characters are what make Last Word so friggin brilliant. From the moment the game starts. You understand these characters and their motivations. However underneath their smears and grins, lies something hidden, untold, a dark secret. Like an Agatha Christie novel you will unravel the mystery of the mansion, its guest, and the mysterious host. Last Word is a extremely well written game. Cris-crossing the stories of the characters in clever fashion. The battle system for the "Last Word." While confusing at first becomes very easy to grasp and master. However there is more to be found. With secrets hidden around the estate, and abilities, key subjects to be leveled. Simply put, Last Word is something unique and something new. I loved every minute of it. From the artstyle and the way characters are drawn. To the creepiness of its more supernatural overtone. It all blends perfectly. Now there is a few blemishes on this game. No resolution control or ability to cross reference gossip becomes time consuming. However these minors annoyances are easily overlooked. This reviewer sincerely hopes there is a Last Word 2. Big thanks to the developer/publisher for a chance to play this game! If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe, like and share for more future videos and it really helps me out! Thanks for watching. Steam: Game: Developer: Publisher: (Might be the wrong Degica, not sure) Subscribe to my channel for more gaming action! Follow me on Twitter Steam Curator List: If you enjoyed this please hit the like button! That would be spiffy!
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