Indie Game of the Week - RONIN
RONIN by Tomasz Wacławek
Played by Martyr
RONIN makes you feel like a bad ass ninja assassin, from leaping on rooftops and hiding in shadows, to stealthy assassinations. If stealth doesn't work for you, then RONIN becomes a turned based action game with a focus on tactical decision making or what I like to call the dance of death. Then RONIN takes it up a notch giving you ninja powers, from shadow stepping to your foes and holographic decoys. The combat is fast, reactive, and one battle may have several different outcomes. This is what makes RONIN brilliant. The artystle and music blend together into what I can only imagine what a Kill Bill video game would've felt like. Now every rose has its thorns, there are things about RONIN which may be frustrating. The inability to move during action sequences, you have to jump everywhere. There are some wonky bugs that teleport you, The story while simple and decent to grasp, could've been fleshed out more. Despite the aforementioned issues though, RONIN is still a fantastic and fun game. If you enjoyed games like Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja, then this is the game for you. If you enjoy action games that require a little thinking, this game is for you. If you love ninjas, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU! Big thanks to the developer/publisher for a chance to play this game! If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe, like and share for more future videos and it really helps me out! Thanks for watching. Steam: Demo: Developer: Publisher: If you enjoyed this please hit the like button! That would be spiffy! Subscribe to my channel for more gaming action! Follow me on Twitter: Follow my Steam Curator List: Follow my Blog:
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