First Look: No Time to Explain Remastered by tinyBuild
No Time To Explain by tinyBuild
Played by Sea Otter
No Time to Explain is a comedy, action platformer where you have to chase your future self through alternate realities to save to world! Now remastered with more hats. "I Am You From The Future! No Time To Explain, Follow m-OH CHRIST!" Chase your future self through time and alternate realities while fighting giant monsters, collecting hats, and eating cake! No Time To Explain Remastered is the remake of tinyBuild's debut game. Now with multiplayer! Follow me on Twitter! Follow my Steam Group! Add me on Facebook! Follow me on Google+! Shoot me an Email! T-shirts and apparel! ---------- Game Information ---------- Title: No time to Explain Remastered Developer: tinyBuild Web page: Steam: System: PC/Steam Year: 2015
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