Indie Game of the Week - Painters Guild
Painters Guild by Lucas Molina
Played by Martyr
If you would've told me that I would love living the life of a Renaissance painter and running a huge painting business, I would've called you nuts. That is until I started playing Painters Guild, an adorable and addictive Business simulator. You will go from rags to much nicer rags as you begin to expand your colorful empire. Hiring new painters, expanding your shop, and decorating it with all sorts of useful items. The real fun for me in the game is getting the right painters for the right jobs, as taste change and customers demand a style. This is not only tricky but challenging if you only have certain kinds of painters. On top of all that Painters guild is a game that constantly keeps you busy, you won't sit idly by and watch them paint. You must manage your paints, endurance, bills, and most importantly the mastery of your painters skills. Each painter requires training and dedication to see them reach their full potential. While Paints Guild could use more polish in the options/tutorial department, I felt the good far out weighed the inconvenience of such things. So grab your funny hats and paint brushes and start up your very own guild! Big thanks to the developer for a chance to play this game! If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe, like and share for more future videos and it really helps me out! Thanks for watching. Steam: Game: Developer: If you enjoyed this please hit the like button! That would be spiffy! Subscribe to my channel for more gaming action! Check out my Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: Follow my Steam Curator List: Follow my Blog:
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