Indie Game of the Week - Renowned Explorers
Renowned Explorers by Abbey Games
Played by Martyr
Ancient Mayan ruins, dark mysterious caves, hidden holy relics, buried treasure, what do all these have in common? Adventure! If you are fan of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, then Renowned Explorers is a game you're going to love. You will form a crew of dashing and clever adventurers and set out on a journey to become internationally famous. All that stands in your way is pirates, mummies, forgotten horrors, and other explorers. The game itself is broken up into three phases, planning, adventure, and occasional combat. Planning is where you gather your resources and research. Adventure is where you will face all sorts of random challenges and possible dangers. Combat itself is a battle of wits, brawn or hugs. Yes, I said hugs. You can be so friendly that they die. Renowned Explorers does quite a bit of genre blending, incorporation turned based strategy with RPG/adventure elements. The entire game has a wonderful style and theme. Making you feel like your adventuring throughout the world. This is what drew me in and I wanted more of. One thing that is important to note though is that the game is based on replay. You only have 5 adventures before you either win or lose, and start over again with a new crew of adventurers. So don't go getting too attached to your precious loot. So get your whip and fedora ready, it's time for an adventure! Big thanks to the developer for a chance to play this game! If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe, like and share for more future videos and it really helps me out! Thanks for watching. Steam: Game: Developer: If you enjoyed this please hit the like button! That would be spiffy! Subscribe to my channel for more gaming action! Check out my Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: Follow my Steam Curator List: Follow my Blog:
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