Skyling: Garden Defense - Mighty Studios

**Skyling: Garden Defense**, and any other **Mighty Studios** games may be used for Let's Play, Preview, Review and Live Stream videos without restriction. You are permitted to monetize these videos, and host them on your website or any video sharing service. Drop us a line, and we will help promote your channel as much as we can! Link-backs are *not* required, but would be appreciated: [web...

mighty_studios | June 3rd
No Restrictions Can Monetize

Joshuah Riley's Games

Anyone who wishes to stream or record themselves playing any of my games has my full permission, and can also monetize if they wish. Please send me a link if you do, I'd love to see it!

Josh Riley | February 21st
No Restrictions Can Monetize

Bacon Bandit Games

Anyone is free to make Let's Plays and other videos of any game by Bacon Bandit Games for any site. Go ahead and monetize these videos too if you choose, that is totally fine! If you do, a mention/link to would be appreciated, but is not required.

Mark Smith | January 31st
No Restrictions Can Monetize


Q: Can I use your video in my LP/etc? A: Yes. [Quoted from [their FAQs page](] Q: Your FAQs says LPs can be made, but I don't see anything about monetization; can the videos be monetized? A: yep! [Quoted from [this tweet](]

Anodyne | January 2nd
No Restrictions Can Monetize


Make videos, streams, machinima to you hearts content, and have fun doing it. We really enjoy watching LPs, and all the crazy stuff out there :D

Julian Pritchard | December 28th
No Restrictions Can Monetize


The Brotherhood grants you permission to make videos of game play of STASIS (LETS PLAY VIDEOS) publically available with no prior permission. Enable advertisements or add further value to videos of STASIS without prior permission, this includes YOUTUBE and VIMEO. Use STASIS LOGO without written permission in video production, print or web. Gaming print magazines may distribute the STAS...

The Brotherhood | December 27th
No Restrictions Can Monetize

Fancy Fish Games

So, you want to record a video of one of our games and post it on Youtube, but are worried about copyright? Well, worry no longer - as our official policy is to allow recording, sharing or monetizing videos of our games with absolutely no restrictions. So, upload your videos with no worries, if any copyright claims are sent to you it was done without my permission, and just let me know about it...

David Maletz | December 26th
No Restrictions Can Monetize

Edmund McMillen's Games

i approve everyone to post lets play videos of my games and monetize them. those games include super meat boy, binding of isaac, the basement collection and gish [Quoted from [this question](!/EdmundM/q/520722775116109722\)]

Edmund McMillen | December 24th
No Restrictions Can Monetize

Dark Scavenger

A note to all Let’s Players, YouTubers and Twitch players, please go ahead and make videos of our games. The exposure that you all can give us is invaluable, so please feel free to monetize any videos you make of our games. Rest assured, you won’t have any trouble from us in the form of copyright claims and the like. We would appreciate it though if you’d link to our Website and Greenl...

PsydraGames | December 15th
No Restrictions Can Monetize

Thinice Games

You are of course allowed to create videos using any of my games: previews, reviews and “Let’s Play” videos are all welcome! You can publish these videos to your website, YouTube or any other similar video sharing services. You are also allowed to monetize these videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites. Sometimes I use free content (mostl...

Pablo Rojo | December 14th
No Restrictions Can Monetize

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