Indie Game of the Week - Assault Android Cactus
Assault Android Cactus by Witch Beam Games
Played by Martyr
Sometimes we like a girl with big....guns, and that is exactly what Assault Android Cactus brings in oodles. If you like explosions, missiles, lasers, and more explosions this is a love letter to you. AAC is an amazing twin sticker shooter that just does everything right. The controls are tight, the graphics pop and dazzle, the soundtrack is enjoyable and never gets dull or lost in the background of explosions. The gameplay itself is fast, fun, and addictive, having that "Must play one more time" mentality. As you begin to unlock more characters and defeat bosses, you essentially unlock new play styles for you to try out. Each of the nine characters has their own distinctive weaponry that changes the way you approach enemies and situations. One character can generate black holes while another drops deadly land mines. It's this dynamic shift in combat and abilities that makes picking new characters refreshing and enjoyable. While AAC story isn't necessarily the focus, the game does have plenty of charm and style. Each of the nine androids is adorable and comes with their own dialogue and bios. I shouldn't forget to mention the game also features Co-op for up to 4 players, so bring your buddies along and blow some shyt up! On TOP of all that is unlockable content and different game modes to keep your appetite wet. Anyone who enjoys twin-stick shooters, bullet hell games, or just wants to not think and blow stuff up is going to love this game. Big thanks to the developer/publisher for a chance to play this game! If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe, like and share for more future videos and it really helps me out! Thanks for watching. Steam: Game: Developer: If you enjoyed this please hit the like button! That would be spiffy! Subscribe to my channel for more gaming action! Check out my Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: Follow my Steam Curator List: Follow my Blog:
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